The Harry Potter Spells Book Tag

Hey everyone! So today I’m doing another book tag, but not just any book tag, a Harry Potter Spells Book Tag! I saw it on becoming bookish ‘s blog and I thought it’d be really fun, so please enjoy!

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Expecto Patronum

(a childhood book connected to happy memories)

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The Gallagher Girls series was a book series that I read during my last few years of elementary school and I have so many memories of reading them over and over again during summer break and in classes. It got to the point that my teacher would point out the fact that it was the fourth or so time that they had seen me with whichever book I happened to be (re)reading at the time. Also, it was a series that not a lot of my friends had read, so it was really fun to force them to read it and watch their reactions to certain plot points.


(a book that took you by surprise)

Image result for nil

Nil was given to me by one of my friends and I really didn’t have any interest in reading it, but my friend continued to pressure me into reading it and the book isn’t particularly long, so I figured I’d give a quick run through. I was thoroughly surprised with how captivating the book was and I ended up finishing it in a few hours because I physically couldn’t put it down!

Prior Incantato

(the last book you read)

Image result for battle of the labyrinth

Before starting the books required for my senior year classes, I started rereading the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and the farthest I got before feeling the crunch to finish my summer assignments was The Battle of the Labyrinth.


(a book that introduced you to a genre you had not considered before)

Image result for in the shadow of men

I had never really looked too far into autobiographies, previously thinking they just seemed extremely boring, but this book is incredible. Jane Goodall is such an inspiration when it comes to finding the thing you really care about and refusing to be pushed aside by societal norms. She is incredible and really opened my eyes to the autobiography realm and later lead me to read I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb (which I would highly recommend you check out).


(a funny book you’ve read)

Image result for how to read literature like a professor thomas c foster

This book is hilarious. It was assigned to me by my AP Literature class and I am actually still in the process of reading it, but I am constantly blown away by this. It is a book explaining how to look deeper into literature to find the hidden Easter eggs planted by the authors to help you further your understanding of a work, and Thomas Foster is beyond hilarious. It was so surprising because, well, it’s a school textbook. I am constantly holding in laughter while reading it in public because of the endless and unpredictable one-liners that just pop up and induce side splitting laughter. My current favorite being, “Since if you’re breaking bread, you’re not breaking heads” (pg. 8).


(a book everyone should know about)

Image result for the ruins of gorlan

I’m going to have to steal Becoming Bookish’s choice for this one, because I actually love this series a little too much. The Ranger’s Apprentice was the first series that all of my friends were reading at the same time as me, and we all constantly freaked out over every single detail. As an equestrian, Ranger horses were absolutely drool-worthy and every single character is so well thought out and each has their own back story and individual personalities that make absolute sense and everyone adds to the plot in their own way which is incredible. John Flanagan brought out the final installment of the series last year I believe, A Royal Ranger, and I had a little fangirl moment. I LOVE THIS.


(a book or spoiler you would like to forget having read)

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A friend of mine told me about a certain thing involving Percy and Annabeth and I really really wish that I could have read the book without that knowledge because out of the original series, The Last Olympian is my favorite and I feel like the surprise of it would have made reading this book for the first time even more memorable.


(a book you had to read for school)

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The Scottish Play, graphic novel edition. I hated every second I had to spend reading this. I actually can’t read graphic novels, something about how they are formatted make me very uneasy when I read them which I think I can attribute to reading only uniform text for a very long time. Either way, I hated this. I even asked my teacher if I could follow along using the actual play and she turned down my request, assuming that I thought I was “too good to read a graphic novel”. It was a very stressful time.


(a book that was painful to read)

Image result for unwind

A short summary of Unwind is that society decided that to solve the population control issue caused by discrepancies about birth control , they would “unwind” people. Essentially, birth control was illegal so if you decided you didn’t want your kid, you either ding dong ditched them at someone’s door (the recipient legally could not turn the kid away) or you raised them until they turned sixteen and had them unwound. A process in which a person’s body is taken apart piece by piece and used as donor parts for people who need them. Oh, and the person is still alive, because that’s what they decided would make the practice humane. It’s a beautifully written book, but it’s such as harsh thing to imagine people doing to their children and I, eek. I couldn’t.

Avada Kedavra

(a book that could kill)

Image result for fate of the tearling

The Fate of the Tearling has quite possibly the weirdest, most surprising plot twist that I actually had to stop for a few minutes to absorb what had just happened. I essentially went brain dead upon reading it and actually stopped mid-sentence and picked it back up the next day. I was in shock for a solid hour or two.


And there you have it! Thank you so much for reading and feel free to put your answers in the comments below! I’d love hear what you all have to say!


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